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GM STC Service Technician Testimonials

This page offers service technicians an opportunity to express their positive experiences with the training program. We encourage technicians to submit testimonials that include comments/stories about their experiences in completing any of the courses, components, or tests associated with their training. Please use the Contact Us/Help button to share your feedback. 


Tom Lyons
Quality Pontiac
Alton IL, 62002

" I have surpassed every goal I set for myself. The assessment tests are very challenging and separate the apprentices from the journeymen. I have had fun traveling to Detroit, Kansas City, Atlanta, and Nashville. It is amazing to find out there are many sharp instructors out there. This World Class status is awesome, and I am proud to be one of the few to reach this milestone."

Keith Haley
Montgomery Chevrolet
Louisville, KY

"The training classes have prompted me to think outside of my normal routine when diagnosing a vehicle. I am more familiar and comfortable with the technology available, and can take a different approach to a problem when my first effort is not successful. These new skills help make a better technician and improve the quality of service from the shop as whole."

Michael Polovnuk
Sun Buick

"I finally took my last required class. It was the Trans Diagnostic Hands-on and again it was with Don Post. I must say he is one of the best instructors. I went into this class not knowing much about trans work. I usually like to avoid red oil but after taking that class I can't see a reason why trans work would be that difficult to attempt. I learned most of the trans diagnostic work can be done without tearing apart the trans down to the case."

Liberto Pastor
H.B. Chevrolet
Forest Hills,NY

"I have done Mercedes, VW, and Alfa Romeo training before, but the training I have done with GM has been the most complete and has improved 100 fold my general diagnostics capabilities and knowledge. I highly recommend that everybody get into the program."

Jeff Bowman
Nalley Chevrolet
Atlanta, Georgia

"The training gives you theory and fundamentals which greatly enhance your ability to repair the vehicle faster and the first time. I encourage all my techs as well as anyone who takes their position seriously to take full advantage of the process set forth my GM."

Bruce Custode
Liberty Pontiac-GMC Truck
Matthews, North Carolina


"The instructors really know their stuff. Every hands on training course I've been to has helped me become much better at what I do and has also given me the ability to teach others as well."

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