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GM Fleet

General Motors is pleased to provide comprehensive training opportunities to help you maintain competent Fleet service personnel and achieve increased productivity. There are three curriculum sources (GM STC, ACDelco, and Fleet) available for service technical training to address your specific needs.

This is classroom style training delivered by GM certified Fleet instructors right on-site at your Fleet's location. Existing programs are tailored for specific Fleet vehicles and are designed for Fleet technicians. Past and current models are featured based on the vehicles in your Fleet and training requested.

The GM Fleet Technician Training Program offers:
• Customized content developed to meet the needs of your Fleet and your specific vehicle lines 
• Hands-on technical assistance during the on-site training sessions
• Hands-on, instructor-led, "system" courses and GM Fleet specific courses delivered on-site at your location
• $215 fee per day per student

Hands-On courses include:
• 87340.01H - Allison LCT 1000 Series
• 80441.00H - Chevrolet Caprice Police Package
• 80441.30H - Chevrolet Tahoe and Full Size Truck Police Pursuit Vehicles
• 86340.01H - R3 Duramax 6600 Diesel Engine Familiarization
• 85040.01H - GM Base Brakes and ABS
• 88044.01H - R2 GM Body Controls
• 86044.02H – R2 GM Engine Performance
• 82048.01H - GM Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) Systems
• 88446.00H - Two Mode Hybrid Vehicle Overview
• 88078.00H - eAssist Overview
• 88420.00H - Chevrolet Volt Overview
• 85240.65H - CNG/LPG Overview
• 86240.70H - Bi Fuels
• 81044.01H - HVAC
• 88043.01H - Electrical Systems Overview and Diagnostic Principles
• 86040.01H - Tech-2 Familiarization
• 87041.01H - 6T45, 6T65, and 6L80 Transmission Overview
• 80041.01H - GM Service Information
• 80442.00H - G-Van Familiarization
• 80041.01H - Service Information, Tech 2 and Foundation Brakes
• 88044.05H - GMLAN, Body Controls & Supplemental Inflatable Restraint Systems
• 85045.01H - GM Anti-lock Brakes and Tire Pressure Monitoring
• 87041.05H - 4L60/80E & 4T40/65/E Transmissions
• 86048.05H - GM Service Tools Overview

For more information, scheduling and to ensure the accuracy of response, email all questions to Jeff Holmes at

GM Service Technical College (GM STC)

The goal of the GM STC Fleet technician training program is to provide the same high performance training that is available to GM dealership service technicians. The performance-based content is delivered through a blended learning curriculum. GM STC uses the latest in training technology to effectively support the complex and emerging training requirements for service personnel with the objective to enhance the technician's ability to "fix it right the first time."

GM STC uses a combination of delivery components (blended learning) to provide highly effective and inexpensive technician training. The different blended learning components available include:
• Web-Based 
• Hands-On
• Online Instructor-Led 
• Video On Demand
• Diagnostic Exercises (DE)
• Interactive Video (iVideo)
• GM TechTube
• Boot Camps
• Performance Support Objects (PSO)

The GM STC Course Catalog is available online at WBT courses are currently available to any previous attendees of GM Center of Learning courses via the GM training website at

Available GM Medium Duty (MD) Courses include:
• Tech 2 (96088.15)
• Electrical Principles and Diagnostics (98083.01)
• HVAC (91085.10)
• Eaton/Spicer Manual Transmission (94082.10)
• Medium Duty Allison Transmission (97481.20)
• Chassis, Suspension and Power Steering (93081.10)
• Braking Systems: Hydraulic and ABS (95080.20)
• Air Brakes System (95080.30)
• 6.0L / 8.1L Gasoline Engines Powertrain Controls (96083.30)
• Duramax 6600 (96082.30)

For more information about ACDelco Training and the Key Fleet Program, please visit

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