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GM End-Of-Line (EOL) Training Services

GM provides End-of-Line (EOL) Training Services as a function of GM Manufacturing Support Launch Readiness.  The EOL technical training, hands-on support and diagnostic knowledge provided by our instructors help to reduce in-plant vehicle float, improve J.D. Power ratings, increase first run rate and more.  Repair Technicians are important to the success of each manufacturing facility.  Keeping them properly trained is critical. 

Some of the services provided by EOL include:
• Repair Technician training plans custom tailored and training developed and delivered for each launch, plant and vehicle
• Training delivered prior to assembly line fill or launch of vehicle
• Hands-on in-plant technical assistance
• Root cause analysis of multiple quality/repair concerns
• Tracking of repetitive in-plant repair concerns
• Electrical Coordinator support
• Pilot build assistance and consulting
• Error proofing of assembly procedures
• Interface of service training and engineering process improvement

EOL Training Services does not provide the tools; EOL Training Services provides the expertise to use them.

Want to achieve success through customized EOL training solutions? Please contact:

Brad Hines
EOL Plant Training Manager



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