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Divisional/STS Certification

Dealer Divisional Service Training Standards (STS)

In response to dealer feedback, we've changed how the minimum Service Training Standards (STS) are determined for all dealers. GM STC has developed a methodology that aligns service training with overall technical training goals to deliver a truly exceptional service experience for our customers.

Individual dealer STS requirements are determined by a dealer's Repair Order (RO) count rather than VINs Sold. The RO data includes both warranty and customer pay. This data excludes claims that would normally happen before the sale (PDI and transportation claims) and standalone internal ROs.

The benefits of this change include:

  • STS requirements align with the service work performed in the dealership.
  • Dealers will know three months before the end of the year what their dealer size and STS requirements will be the following year.
  • Due to differences between VINs Sold and ROs, dealer sizes may change to a different group. Therefore a dealer's new size will determine the STS requirements for the following year. A business rule will prevent dealers from changing more than one size per year.

Dealer Groupings


RO Count


0 - 3,789


3,790 - 7,489


7,490 - 13,489


13,490 - 24,969


24,970 +

For additional details, please refer to the 2018 STC Course Catalog.

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