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Master Technician Certification

GM Master Technician Certification (MTC) Assessment

GM Master Technician Certification (MTC) Assessment is a performance-based event
in which each service technician must demonstrate knowledge and diagnostic skills.
During the GM MTC, each service technician is required to solve real vehicle faults by
applying the accumulated learning from ALL courses in the Certification Area. The GM
MTC Assessment Program covers 11 Certification Areas. It is administered at training
locations across the country.

The GM MTC Assessment contains a comprehension component and a practical evaluation
to assess the service technician's knowledge and diagnostic skills. Each Assessment
consists of timed exercises that have been developed based upon the critical elements of
the courses across the Certification Area and real life concerns.

To achieve GM Master Technician Certification, a service technician must successfully pass
the GM STC Certification Assessment and be ASE certified in that area.
An enhancement was made to the GM Master Technician Certification (MTC) Program.
The GM Service Technical College (STC) transitioned to an annual renewal on Master
Technician Certifications. The MTC program will allow service technicians to retain their
certification if they are current on their STS training requirements. Specifically, this
enhancement is as follows:
Once a service technician successfully completes a MTC assessment, that service
technician will remain Master Technician Certified as long as they continue to meet their
STS requirements for the area(s) in which they are certified. The service technician must
maintain their ASE Certification for that category as well.

Certifications expire annually unless STS requirements are maintained in the areas in
which they are certified. Once the expiration period is reached, the service technician will
transition to the new Master Technician Certification program.

The Service Technician Assessment Process is as follows:
Each exercise is designed to assess each service technician's ability to diagnose and
apply skills with a simulated real-life customer concern utilizing cross-divisional vehicles.
To successfully complete a Certification Assessment, the service technician must obtain
a total score of 80% or better across the performance-based exercises. During the
Assessment, a certifier who has received extensive training in conducting performance based Assessments evaluates the service technician's skills. A service technician who
receives GM MTC status receives the following items:

• Letter
• Certificate of Achievement*
• Patch**

*Additional Certificates are available for download online.

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